Men's Health Week with Optimise Healthcare Group

May 12, 2022

Men’s Health Week has been created to educate and encourage all boys and men to be open and aware of their overall health and to raise awareness of the health services and treatments that are available to them. 

Being equipped with the correct health information is only a small part of the wider problem and unfortunately, many men are still reluctant to reach out for help and seek professional advice when required. In order to live a healthier, happier and longer life, our job as mental health professionals at Optimise Healthcare Group is to ensure information regarding men’s overall health and men’s mental health is readily available and that the services and treatments that are on offer are shared far and wide. 

Unfortunately, mental health is a taboo globally and the lack of importance provided for mental health often stops people from seeking help when they need it. 

While the pandemic has taken so much focus over the previous couple of years, it is important to look after your overall health. Optimise Healthcare Group provides a safe and professional environment that aims at tackling mental health issues through a variety of innovative mental health treatments.

Here are some statistics presented by NHS Professionals that explain the relationships between men and their mental health: 

  • At any one time, about 20% of women report having a mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety disorder. This figure is 12.5% for men, and in September 2020 ONS statistics recorded 76% of suicides in England and Wales were men, concluding this is the biggest killer of men under 45

  • 40% of men said it would take thoughts of suicide or self-harm for them to seek help. This leaves 60% of men not reaching out for support when they need it. At Optimise Healthcare Group we offer a confidential, compassionate service that is carefully considered for you and your needs. Through effective treatments, we can help you to rebuild your quality of life and return to the normal ‘you’

  • 7% of women say they have no friends. This figure increases to 11% in men. Did you know that loneliness is one of the main causes of depression and is also closely linked to cardiovascular disease and strokes? Men need to acknowledge the importance of connection in their everyday lives. In men, often standing alone is perceived as being stronger due to societal expectations about how men should behave and what masculinity is, however, this can only lead to a poor state of mind as men may feel they must continue to display what has traditionally been perceived as masculine traits like strength, dominance and control

How can men tackle loneliness? 

Share how you are feeling. Often regular, honest check-ins with your family or friends can help to become more aware and comfortable with your emotions and make space for each of your emotions. The importance of finding someone who you feel comfortable opening up to is invaluable in your recovery, whether that is a mental health professional, friend, partner or work colleague. 

Lastly, being open to professional help should never be seen as a weakness. Mental wellness is ongoing and there are many external factors that can obscure our emotions in our everyday lives. Seeking expert guidance for emotional wellbeing gives you a huge advantage when navigating new experiences, challenges and emotions that life may throw your way.

There are plenty of organisations and charities that are centred on supporting men struggling with mental health issues, so if you know someone suffering, please contact us for advice on how to approach the conversation about their mental health and discover some of the mental health treatments that are proven to be effective in our UK based clinics

Together we can beat the stigma around mental health and work towards creating a happier, healthier environment for all.

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